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Free Badass Beginners Class

  • Introduction to Yoga Theory

    (5 mins)

  • Class 1 Introduction to Sun Salutations

    (45 minute class)

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Who is this class for?

For anyone that wants to learn yoga!  The class includes clear, detailed instructions so the poses are broken down step by step and are accessible for anyone.  There are lots of modifications offered!

What if I'm not flexible?

Perfect!  This class will help you improve your flexibility.  Each class has lots of options to teach you how to move all your joints safely in their full range of motion!  You get lifetime access so you can take the class over and over again to help you gain that flexibility you crave!

What exactly will I learn?

The class will teach you how to enter, hold and exit the yoga postures covered, what their benefits are, how to modify them for your own needs and how to get the most out of each one.  You will also learn the basics of yoga philosophy and breathing techniques.  The emphasis is on proper alignment, simultaneous effort and release, breathwork, awareness and surrender.

What if I am injured?

Although there is a possibility this course can help you regain mobility and reduce pain it is always recommended to consult with your doctor and get their clearance before you start the course if you have an injury.

What if I already do Yoga?

Great! You will learn so much about alignment, transitions, effort and ease and philosophy in this class!  This class breaks down the actions and counter actions that are often overlooked in public classes.